“WE ARE DRIVEN BY A MISSION TO CREATE THE BEST TRANSPORTATION EQUIPMENT IN THE INDUSTRY.” Blade-Tech was founded in 1995 with an entrepreneurial spirit and a mission to create the best transportation equipment in the industry. We started small. We thought big. Just a father and son committed to providing customers with the highest quality […]

Équipement Tactique, Équipement Tactique Millitaire

What type of technical clothing to choose Northern Hunting

What type of technical clothing to choose Northern Hunting? When you need technical outerwear, what should I think about and what to consider. First reflex you have is I think the brand known or not, the price, you want to feel the fabric to understand and analyze do I like that? Throughout my military career […]

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Vous fournir le meilleur équipement tactique militaire et d'application de la loi sur lequel vous pouvez compter lorsque la situation l'exige.