Day Pack – SORD tactical gear




Day Pack – SORD tactical gear

Designed to meet the day to day requirements of an operators ‘grab bag’. It’s simple yet bombproof design makes it ideal for field use. 

The tubular internal compartment has a dry bag style roll-top closure minimizing the amount of water and moisture entering the pack in wet climates that will damage equipment much faster in any standard zip pack. While not waterproof, in an amphibious or tropical environment this feature makes a big difference.

SORD Day Pack under lid is a single small mesh pouch

The same applies to hot arid dusty areas where dust and silt find their way into everything. Under the lid is a single small mesh pouch with sturdy zip closure, ideal for miscellaneous items. 

Reinforced 25mm tube tape carry handles on three sides. On either side of the pack, 25mm loop locks have been stitched into place for compression straps that can be user-added if required. There are two antenna/hydration system hose ports on the lid. Internal 30-liter capacity. 

Single small mesh pouch Day Pack – SORD tactical gear

The external hardpoint, stitched to the rear face. Built from type 7 webbing, reinforced stitching and parachute rated V-ring hardware. Crab your day pack to the outside of the vehicle with confidence. Suitable for amphib, VM and airframe attachment. 




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